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Are you going to an SEO interview and wondering what kind of questions and talks you’ll have? Before going to an SEO interview, it’s a good idea to get a sense of the types of questions that will be asked so that you can mentally prepare replies.

Question 1: What is SEO?

Answer: This is nearly always the first question you’ll be asked during an SEO interview.

Organic results are more trusted than paid results. Having your website featured for the appropriate keywords might bring you a lot of visitors.

SEO techniques enable businesses to rank for possible keywords without paying a dollar on search engine marketing, resulting in the most valuable visitors. It’s known as ‘organic,’ ‘free,’ and ‘natural’ outcomes. There are numerous optimization techniques and actions that should be carried out to ensure that your website is search engine friendly and ranks for targeted keywords.

Question 2: What is the full form of SEO?
Answer: Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Question 3: Why SEO is mandatory for businesses?

Answer: In the web sector, there is a running joke that if you want to hide a dead corpse, you should put it on Google’s second page. Because just a small percentage of people go past the first page of Google results, if your industry isn’t on the first page, your competitors will take all of your clients.

With each position, CTR decreases gradually. It is critical to have a well-optimized website if you want your business to be successful in the internet world. One major advantage of SEO over PPC is that, unlike PPC, your results will not stop if you stop doing SEO today.

If a company wants to increase sales without spending a lot of money on marketing, SEO is critical.

Question 4: What do you mean by Search Engine?

Answer: “A program that searches for and identifies objects in a database that correlate to keywords or characters given by the user, used especially for discovering certain sites on the World Wide Web,” according to the dictionary.

Search engines respond to user queries by providing a list of relevant results depending on a variety of parameters.

Question 5: Name three search engines other than Google?

1. Bing
2. Yahoo
3. DuckDuckGo

Question 6: Who are the founders of Google?

Answer: While pursuing their PhDs at Stanford University in California, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google.

Question 7: When was the Google Founded?
Answer: Google was founded in 1998.

Question 8: What are the most important factors for Google’s ranking?

Answer :
Page Speed
Quality Content
Relevant BAcklinks
Domain Strength
Technical SEO
Domain Authority
Content Depth

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Question 9: What do you mean by Web Crawling?

Answer: Search engine bots crawl webpages for indexing, which is known as web crawling. A spider or spider bot is what they’re called. Crawlers use hyperlinks to visit other pages, documents and bring information back to the web servers for indexing. When a crawler visits a page, it copies it and adds its URLs to the index.
The more frequently your website is crawled by search engines, the more fresh content you produce.

Question 10: What do you mean by SERP?
Answer: SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page.

Question 11: What do you mean by Organic Results?

Answer: Organic results are provided by search engines based on relevancy, quality, and other ranking variables, and are one of the two types of search results in SERP. Organic results, sometimes known as ‘free results’ or ‘natural outcomes,’ are unpaid results. The ranking of organic results is determined by a number of criteria. Underneath the paid results are the organic results. Organic results cannot be manipulated by paying Google, but they can be enhanced by having high-quality content and enhancing the user experience.

Question 12: What do you mean by Paid Results?

Answer: Advertisers who pay to have their ads appear above organic results on SERPs are referred to as paid results. Paid results are immediate, and advertisers are not required to optimize their website or content in order to rank. Your Max CPC and quality score will be used to determine your place. The higher your quality score, the less money you’ll have to spend.

Question 13: What do you mean by Google Autocomplete?

Answer: Google Autocomplete is a search engine feature that works with Google and other search engines. When you start typing in the search box, Google autocomplete offers you a list of suggestions to help you finish your search.

It enables users to complete searches in less time and with less effort, which is especially useful while searching on a mobile device. Search suggestions are based on popular queries as well as your previous searches.

Question 14: What is Googlebot ?
Answer: Googlebot is a web crawler that searches, crawls, and indexes online sites for Google.

Question 15: What is DA?
Answer: In any SEO interview, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. MOZ created the DA metric, which stands for Domain Authority. It has a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the number, the better. The higher your DA, the greater your chances of ranking.

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