In this article, the major Difference Between Crawling & Indexing will be discussed. Before the discussion, we must familiar with the definition of Crawling And Indexing. So, let’s Begin :


Crawling is the process through which search engines dispatch a team of robots (also known as crawlers or spiders) to search for freshly updated material.


Indexing is the act of storing information found in an index, a massive database of all the stuff they’ve found that appears good enough to serve searchers.

Major Differences Between Crawling & Indexing

1. Crawling: Crawling is defined as “following your links” in the SEO industry.
Indexing: The process of “adding webpages to Google search” is known as indexing.

2. Crawling: Crawling is the method of indexing that is used. Google crawls the internet and indexes the pages.
Indexing: Crawling occurs when search engine crawlers visit a link, and indexing occurs when crawlers save or index such links in the search engine database.

3. Crawling: When Google visits your website for the purpose of tracking. Google’s Spiders or Crawlers are in charge of this procedure.

Indexing: After crawling, the result is added to Google’s index (i.e. online search), implying that Crawling and Indexing are two separate processes.

4. Crawling: Crawling is a technique used by search engine bots to find publicly accessible online sites.

Indexing: When a user conducts a search query, search engine bots crawl the websites and keep a copy of all information on index servers. When a user performs a search query, search engines present the relevant results on the search engine.

5. Crawling:  It looks for web pages and queues to index.

Indexing: It examines the content of web pages and stores those with high-quality material in an index.

6. Crawling: The Web pages are crawled by it.

Indexing: It analyses the content of the page and saves it in the index.

7. Crawling: When search engine bots actively explore your website, this is referred to as crawling.

Indexing: The process of putting a page is known as indexing.

8. Crawling: Crawling is the process of discovering the web crawler’s URLs through recursive visits to the input of online pages.

Indexing: Every relevant term on a web page located in the title, header, meta tags, alt tags, subtitles, and other essential locations is indexed by indexing.

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