search engine sitemap
search engine sitemap

A website’s sitemap must be manually uploaded to the major search engines after being correctly created. Users can find information and instructions on how to submit the sitemap to search engine websites in this post. Separate submissions to Google, Bing, and Yahoo are worthwhile and require little effort.

Submit Sitemap to Google

Verifying the website is the first step. Google won’t accept any sitemaps without first authorizing the website they are intended for.

  • Log in to Google Webmaster Tools the same way you would for any other Google service.
  • In the pop-up window, click “Add a Site” and enter the URL for the Google website. then click on “next.”
  • Click the radio button next to “Add Meta Tag” on the page that appears.
  • The Meta tag should be copied from the instructions. This will be useful later.
  • Open the website you want to verify in a new tab in your browser.
  • Select “Manage the Site” from the list under “More Actions.”
  • Under the Site Setting menu, select the General tab from the list of tabs.
  • The Meta tag should now be inserted in the area directly next to Verification after being copied from the instruction box.
  • Restore the modifications.
  • Visit Webmaster Tools to see where the Meta tag was taken.
  • Click Verify.

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The sitemap must be submitted to Google as the second step.

  • Visit Webmaster Tools.
  • Choose the sitemap’s website.
  • Select Sitemaps under Site Configuration.
  • The Add/Test Sitemap button may be found in the upper right corner.
  • Paste the following code into the box that appears:
  • /system/feeds/sitemap
  • Send the sitemap in.
  • The sitemap has now been submitted successfully.

Submit Sitemap To Yahoo

  • Activate your Yahoo account.
  • Visit Yahoo Site Explorer by going there.
  • Copy and paste the URL of your website into the Yahoo box, then click Add My Site. Verify that you are the owner of the account.
  • The validation process must be completed before submitting a sitemap; otherwise, the sitemap won’t be submitted.
  • Press the URL of your website, then select the feed links in the right columns.
  • Enter the website feed URL in the “Website Feed” drop-down menu. Next, click Add Feed.
  • The sitemap and website will both be checked and verified by the Yahoo staff. As soon as they decide that the sitemap is effective and error-free, it will start indexing the website.
    *** Update: Bing Webmaster Tools has taken the position of Yahoo Site Explorer.

Submit Sitemap To Bing

  • Windows Live Account login.
  • Find Bing Master Center through navigation.
  • By entering the URL of your sitemap in the URL box, you may add your website to the Bing search engine. After that, click Add Site.
  • Staff members from Bing will examine and validate the site and sitemap. As soon as they ascertain that the sitemap is free of errors, they will start indexing the website.

Submit Sitemap To Ask.Com does not yet permit the submission of a URL as a search engine site. However, they do provide consent for the website’s sitemap to be submitted. Although the interface is not as user-friendly as those of the major search engines, one may submit the site map of a website by pasting the domain name and URL supplied below.

Sitemapxml. aspx may be found in The Domain Name.

Step-by-step instructions on how to submit sitemaps to the main search engines are provided above. We offered a simple and effective process for doing it.

*** Update: Submitting sitemaps to is no longer possible. In order for to index your material, make a note of the location of your sitemap in your robots.txt file.

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