Environmental friendly countries
Environmental friendly countries

Environment-friendly nations, sometimes referred to as eco-friendly, nature-friendly, or green nations, engage in actions and behaviors that do the least amount of harm to ecosystems and the environment. The most environmentally friendly methods are sustainable, which means they may be applied continuously with little to no adverse effects on the environment. The phrase “environmentally friendly” is frequently used to refer to products and services, rules, regulations, and laws that do little (or no) harm to the environment and ecosystems. Environmentally friendly goods, methods, and procedures don’t damage the environment, aid in resource conservation (such as water and energy), and don’t pollute the air, water, or land.

How to measure a country’s environmental friendliness

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI), which is compiled yearly by Yale University’s Center for Environmental Law & Policy, uses statistical analysis to determine the overall environmental effect of all a nation’s programs. According to 32 performance indicators for environmental health and ecosystem vitality, including the quantity of airborne particle pollution, the quality of drinking water, the health of fisheries, and the management of wetlands, the 2020 Environmental Performance Index rates 180 countries. The EPI assigns ratings to each nation’s environmental trends and advancements, giving governments a base from which to build efficient environmental regulations. EPI metrics also allow nations to gauge their progress toward predetermined environmental policy objectives.

Top 5 Most Environmental Friendly Countries in the World (EPI score):

Denmark — 82.5
Luxembourg — 82.3
Switzerland — 81.5
United Kingdom — 81/3
France — 80

1. Denmark

Denmark is recognized as the world’s most environmentally friendly nation with an EPI score of 82.5. Denmark stands out for having excellent ratings in the categories of “biodiversity and habitat” and “air quality.” Denmark has long prioritized sustainability, advocating clean products like eco-friendly hotels, solar-powered boats, and organic food, in addition to enacting some of the most effective legislation in the world to cut greenhouse gas emissions and stop climate change.



2.-3. Luxembourg & Switzerland

The tiny European nation of Luxembourg, which ranks second in the world for environmental friendliness, is well-known for its excellent ratings in the areas of biodiversity, habitat, and water resources. Despite its fast-expanding GDP and population, Luxembourg has achieved tremendous advancements in environmental protection. High scores for environmental health, sustainability, water sanitation, and water resources may be found in third-place Switzerland. Environmentally and resource-friendly items are becoming more and more necessary in Switzerland’s public sector. The nation ranks well among the world’s recyclers.

4.- 5. United Kingdom & France

The U.K. received a perfect score of 100 for the management of solid home fuels, sanitation, and drinking water, which helped it rank fourth in the world overall. The nation also comes in #1 for pollutant emissions and second for climate change. Considering that there are 66.52 million people living in the U.K., these ranks are extremely astounding. France, which is in fifth position, scores a perfect 100 for pollutant emissions and water cleanliness, is fourth for climate change and is fifth for biodiversity. France has implemented a number of environmental efforts, including the use of hydro turbines along its rivers and a restriction on retailers discarding or destroying high-quality food that has not been sold.


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