Cricket, the second-largest sport in terms of participation worldwide, has a long history that dates back to the 16th century.

Did you know that there are 180 nations in the globe where this sport is practiced? Even the most ardent fans of cricket might not be aware of these interesting facts although it is one of the most popular games!

We won’t lie; learning the game of cricket might be a little challenging for beginners. First, there are three different formats: test matches, one-day games, and Twenty20 (it’s preferable to leave out the Hundred for now).

The regulations’ subtleties are another issue. There are ten ways to remove a player, although some of them are so uncommon that they haven’t occurred in years.However, it is a beautiful sport that enthralls you in a way that few other sports can once you comprehend the games and the regulations.

Despite having its roots in England, cricket has spread around the world. In the big competitions, Australia and India are particularly successful, however, England still competes. This was formerly an Olympic sport as well, but we’ll get to it later.

Do you know the length of the longest cricket match ever played? Or perhaps you can explain why players believe the iconic Nelson Score to be unlucky?

If not, continue on to learn more fascinating trivia about cricket!

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Don’t forget to look at our other entertaining sports facts here. We adore all this interesting sports information!

Since its start in the sixteenth century, cricket has continued to expand. The sport is currently viewed or played by around 2.5 billion people worldwide in more than 180 nations. How outlandish are those figures!?

Although two of the most well-known teams are from England and Australia, India and Pakistan are where it is most popular.

2. Three different game variations are played in the competition.

Around the world, cricket is played at three different levels of competition. These are T20, one-day, and test match cricket.

The usual format for a test match is a five-day contest. Test match cricket is regarded as the sport’s purest form. T20, which has games that last only a few hours as opposed to five days, is the format that is expanding the quickest.

The game of test cricket itself was first played in 1877.

3. The inaugural Cricket World Cup took place in 1975.

The International Cricket Council’s Cricket World Cup is undoubtedly the main event in any cricket fan’s calendar.

The inaugural tournament was held in 1975 and was founded by England, South Africa, and Australia. Every four years, it takes place, with England winning the most recent match in 2019.

4. Initially, cricket wickets had just two stumps.

Despite the fact that it’s inconceivable now, a wicket used to consist of only three stumps.

Prior to 1775, two stumps were the standard. However, English cricketer Edward “Lumpy” Stevens bowled the ball between the two stumps three times without removing the bail, and the batter was declared “not out.” Shortly later, the third stump was revealed.

5. It’s not always required to use wicket bails

Nearly every cricket match features bails, the horizontal pegs that sit astride the stumps. However, they are not required in all situations.

In the interest of ensuring smooth play, the umpire may decide to remove the bails altogether or replace them with stronger ones when a strong wind threatens to blow them off.

6. Women started playing cricket in the 18th century.

Women have participated in cricket since at least the 18th century, despite the fact that males play the sport in considerably higher numbers. Even female-only tournaments were conducted in English towns like Surrey, Hampshire, and Sussex. The victorious teams received rewards including barrels of ale and lace gloves.

7. At age 94, the oldest active test cricketer

Ronald Draper, a cricketer for South Africa, is the oldest active Test player still playing today. He is approximately 95 years old. 1950 marked the year of his final test match.

Wilfred Rhodes, who took over 4,000 wickets in his career and played his last test match at the age of 52 back in 1930, was the oldest cricketer to ever actively play the sport.

8. The Nelson Score is seen as unlucky in 8.

This cricket fun fact is particularly intriguing since it is the only one we have that is totally based on superstition. A team or individual who scores 111 points has achieved a Nelson Score. The only reason it is seen as unlucky is that three 1s resemble a wicket without bails. We really adore random cricket information like this!

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