There are many products that are prohibited in India, and the trend is only growing. But with the media focusing so much on this practice, it’s simple to overlook that they also make things illegal in other countries. Some of the items we take for granted in our daily lives are really scarce goods in other nations. Let’s just say that things don’t always manage to go beneath the radar.

Check out these items that are prohibited in other countries but not in India!

Lifebuoy Soap

These soaps are supposedly exclusively used to clean specific animals overseas and are hazardous to the skin. However, it is publicly marketed as a typical human soap in India.


Red Bull

Red Bull is still prohibited for use by those under the age of 18 in France, Denmark, and Lithuania. Although I personally don’t mind a few every now and again, the energy drink has been linked to convulsions, depression, hypertension, and cardiac issues.


Many legally and medically questionable medications are sold in India, and the majority of us buy them. This includes the typical Disprin, which is our go-to remedy for practically every illness at work or home.


Over 60 hazardous pesticides are prohibited in other nations but not in India. These pollutants enter our plants and may cause a number of health issues in the future.

pesticides products

Non-pasteurized Milk

Unpasteurized milk is prohibited in practically all of the USA and Canada due to the dangers of hazardous microorganisms and pathogens. While this substance has the potential to badly harm you, it is widely accessible in the homeland.

Jelly Candy

Since they were recalled, these little candies are no longer imported into the United States, Canada, or Australia. They provide a choking risk, and there have been several instances of kids choking on them that have been documented. However, they are widely accessible here.


Somalia has a samosa ban as a result of the jihadist terrorist organization Al-Shabaab. These samosa haters used the excuse that the cuisine was “too Christian” to impose the ban in the areas under their control. Al-Qaeda would be quite irritated.

samosa products

Kinder Candy

America has outlawed the Kinder surprise, which you may have seen in a little, colorful egg container. Choking hazards have been identified with the toy that has sweets inside. In your discussion on how India is superior to America, you may also utilize this argument as leverage.

Tata Nano

The Global NCAP independent crash test on our prized cheap car was a failure. At essence, this implies that the car’s occupants would be in danger of suffering fatal injuries. It is prohibited in other nations, but not in ours.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

This automobile, which also failed a number of safety inspections and regulations, is prohibited in many other nations but is rather popular in this one.

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