States and UTs must take all necessary safeguards and be vigilant.
The government noted that states may explore applying need-based, local curbs/restrictions to control crowds over the holiday season.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said on Monday that the current national directions for COVID-19 administration will be strictly enforced across the country until January 31, 2022.
The action is being made to combat the fast-spreading virus version Omicron, which has spread throughout various states and Union Territories (UTs).

In light of the current COVID crisis, MHA has issued directions to all Chief Secretaries in the states and UTs, emphasising “the need for better foresight, data analysis, dynamic decision making, and tight and timely containment efforts at the local and district levels.”

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla wrote to all state/UT health officials and other officials, saying, “I’d want to emphasise that all states and UTs must take all necessary steps and not relax their guard.
To reduce crowds over the holiday season, states may consider implementing need-based local curbs/restrictions.”

The above procedures will be vigorously enforced by all District Magistrates.
For the purpose of enforcing social distance.
The ruling also indicated that states/UT governments may utilise Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) of 1973 as much as practicable.

Meanwhile, the authorities said that the number of active cases in Inia has decreased.
However, the new variety, Omicron (classified as a VoC by the WHO on November 26, 2021), is said to be at least three times more transmissible than Delta, creating a new challenge for COVID containment methods.
The increasing trajectory of cases in countries with an Omicron-driven increase has been extremely steep.

According to the health ministry, India has documented 578 Omicron cases in 19 states/UTs, with 151 patients having been discharged.

In the last 24 hours, the government reported 6,531 COVID cases and 315 deaths.

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