Every month on the first, new regulations or modifications come into effect in the country. This will also take place in October. Many common things will change starting October 1st. These changes are related to the common man’s life and the life of the special. Many reforms are being implemented, including banking and LPG. Please let us know what these changes are and how they will effect your wallet.

From October 1st, the old chequebook will no longer be valid

Three banks’ chequebooks and MICR codes will become invalid on October 1. Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC), United Bank of India, and Allahabad Bank are the three banks in question. Let me clarify: these are banks that have recently amalgamated with other banks. Due to bank mergers and changes in account numbers, IFSC codes, and MICR codes of account holders, the banking system will invalidate old checks beginning October 1, 2021. All of these banks’ chequebooks will become invalid.

PAN card will be rendered worthless

Aadhaar and the Permanent Account Number, or PAN Card, would be useless as of October 1. The deadline for connecting your PAN number to your Aadhaar number is September 30, 2021. If no one has connected their PAN with Aadhaar within this time, their PAN card will be cancelled on October 1, 2021. Let us inform you that if your PAN card is closed once, you will be required to pay a hefty fee to get it reactivated.

Price of LPG cylinders is about to alter

Prices for LPG cylinders will change on October 1st. Let us remind you that new household LPG and commercial cylinder rates are set on the first of every month.

In Delhi, private booze stores will be shut down

From October 1, private liquor outlets in the country’s capital, Delhi, will be shuttered. Liquor will only be sold in government stores from October 1 to November 16, a period of 47 days. The process of issuance of licences has been finished under the new tax policy, according to Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, by splitting Delhi into 32 zones. Under the new excise regime, stores will open in Delhi on November 17th. Liquor will only be sold at government stores during this time.

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