Mahashivratri is one of the most significant festivals in the Hindu religion and is celebrated annually to honor Lord Shiva, one of the most revered deities in the Hindu pantheon. The festival is observed on the 14th night of the dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Phalguna, which falls between February and March in the Gregorian calendar. Mahashivratri 2023 will be celebrated on February 18, 2023.

Mahashivratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion across India and other parts of the world where Hindus reside. Devotees observe fasts, perform puja, offer prayers, and sing hymns in honor of Lord Shiva, who is considered the destroyer of evil, the lord of meditation and yoga, and the epitome of peace and harmony.

Maha Shivaratri Date Saturday, February 18, 2023
Nishita Kaal Puja Time 12:09 AM to 01:00 AM, Feb 19
Ratri First Prahar Puja Time 06:13 PM to 09:24 PM
Ratri Second Prahar Puja Time 09:24 PM to 12:35 AM, Feb 19
Ratri Third Prahar Puja Time 12:35 AM to 03:46 AM, Feb 19
Ratri Fourth Prahar Puja Time 03:46 AM to 06:56 AM, Feb 19
Chaturdashi Tithi Begins 08:02 PM on Feb 18, 2023
Chaturdashi Tithi Ends 04:18 PM on Feb 19, 2023
Shivaratri Parana Time 06:56 AM to 03:24 PM on Feb 19, 2023

Mahashivratri Time

The festival is celebrated on the night before the new moon day, which is considered the most auspicious time to worship Lord Shiva. The devotees observe a strict fast throughout the day and break it only after performing the puja at midnight. The puja involves offering milk, water, belpatra, fruits, and other offerings to the Shivlinga, the symbol of Lord Shiva. Devotees also recite the Mahamrityunjaya mantra, which is believed to be a powerful mantra to ward off negative energies and bring peace and harmony.

Signifiicance Of Mahashivratri

Mahashivratri has great significance in the Hindu religion. It is believed that on this day, Lord Shiva performed the Tandava dance, which symbolizes the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction. It is also believed that on this day, Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati, who is considered the divine consort of Lord Shiva. Devotees believe that observing fast and performing puja on Mahashivratri can bring them blessings, good health, and prosperity.

Mahashivratri is not just a religious festival but also a cultural celebration that showcases the rich heritage and traditions of India. People dress up in colorful traditional attire, decorate their houses, and light lamps and diyas to mark the occasion. In many parts of India, fairs and cultural events are organized, where people come together to celebrate and enjoy the festival.

In conclusion, Mahashivratri is a significant festival in the Hindu religion that is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm. It is an occasion to honor Lord Shiva, seek his blessings, and reaffirm our faith in his teachings of peace and harmony. Let us celebrate this auspicious occasion with a pure heart and devotion and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

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